What is Laravel?


Laravel is a open-source PHP web application framework known for its elegant syntax and robust features. Created by Taylor Otwell in the year 2021. Laravel is intended for the development of web applications following a model-view-controller (MVC) controller.

Using PHP, Laravel is mostly used to create unique web applications. It's a web framework that manages a lot of tasks that are tedious to construct on your own, like authentication, routing, and HTML templating. Because Laravel runs on PHP, it is fully server-side and mainly relies on data manipulation while adhering to the Model-View-Controller architecture.

Laravel values beauty and clean code. Simple, elegant syntax puts amazing functionality at your fingertips. Each feature has been carefully chosen to offer an amazing developer experience.

One of the key features of Laravel is its modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager. This allows developers to add functionality to their applications using software packages, which promotes code reuse and separation of concerns.

Laravel also provides different ways for accessing relational databases. This is done through Eloquent ORM, Laravel’s built-in object-relational mapping (ORM). Eloquent ORM allows developers to interact with their database like they would with SQL.

In addition, Laravel has utilities that aid in application deployment and maintenance. This includes features like Authentication, Authorization, Database Migrations, Validation, Notifications & Mail, File Storage, Job Queues, Task Scheduling, Testing, Events & WebSockets. These features are common to modern web applications, and Laravel provides elegant solutions for these out of the box.

Laravel also provides a command-line interface named Artisan. Artisan includes commands that assist in managing the database, migrations, publishing package assets, and generating boilerplate code for new controllers, models, and migrations. This feature enables developers to avoid performing routine tasks manually.

Moreover, Laravel is committed to delivering the best testing experience you can imagine. Beautiful testing APIs, database seeding, and painless browser testing let you ship with confidence.

Laravel has a vast library of meticulously maintained packages, which means you’re ready for anything. Laravel Octane can supercharge your application’s performance, and Laravel Vapor, a serverless deployment platform powered by AWS Lambda, allows for infinite scale.

In conclusion, Laravel is a comprehensive and modern PHP framework that provides a streamlined and enjoyable development experience. Its expressive, elegant syntax, along with its robust set of features, makes it a popular choice for many PHP developers.

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